Our main services

  • Cleaning and airing

    Basic home cleaning at least twice a month (may vary according to costumer wishes), airing and ventilation of rooms and closets, making sure the house is fully intact (walls, water pipes, furniture, electronics etc.) as well as maintaining the different systems in it such as toilets, showers, watering system and alarms, avoiding damages and deterioration.

  • Maintenance

    Is your shower leaking? Something is wrong with the AC? Our maintenance professionals will help you with every problem.

  • Groceries

    Don’t want to come home to an empty fridge? Let HOMY buy your favorite groceries and prepare your kitchen for instant use: fridge, stove, and oven cleaning, electronic devices and appliances installation etc.

  • Mail and Bills

    Bureaucracy gives you a headache? HOMY will take care of the little details for you by sorting mail, paying electric bills, water bills, property tax etc. Helping you avoid debts’, fines’ or interest’s accumulation.

  • Gardening

    There is nothing like greenery to make your heart light and happy. We offer our clients to keep their garden, yard or balcony green and inviting: planting according to season, taking care of vermin, water, activating the water system and keep it in good condition.

  • Flights and cars

    HOMY will coordinate your flights, travels around the country, and car rentals including picking and leaving you at the airport.

  • Chauffeur

    Lots to do in such little time. We will be happy to provide a chauffeur for a swift and safe ride along with travel planning across the country. All needed equipment included.

  • Reservations

    We will make reservations for you at the best restaurants, shows, clubs, museums or any other activity you have in mind.

  • Health and Doctors

    We offer our clients our services to make appointments to doctors and specialists, transportation to hospitals, purchasing medicines and help with medical papers and administration.

  • Internet and cables

    HOMY will connect you to internet and cables according to your need during your stay and will disconnect you when you leave.

  • Babysitting

    Wish to have a romantic evening just the two of you? Have an important meeting but the kids are with you? Our babysitters will take good care of your kids allowing you to the space you need with no concerns. HOMY’s babysitters are well trained and experienced with children of all ages.